Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Ulster History and Heritage

Welcome to the  Heritage Ulster Pages. I hope you find this work interesting and it reveals the astonishing and beautiful  heritage and History of the Provence and provides much detailed information on many parts of Northern Ireland.

The map Below shows many of the Castles and Historic Buildings to find out more visit the Coubty Pages Opposite. Click on the menu Button Top Left Hand Corner for links to contents

This is an active work in progress and the site welcomes any Images or information that contribues to our understand of the history heritage and landscape .

As can be seen many of the Anglo Norman Defenses and Castles in the Ulster are found on the many Loughs or Bays  Eg Carlingford ,  Foyle     Dundrum Bay , often allowing access to the interior of the provence as would have been the case when Viking Long Boast navigated up the many Rivers feediing into them

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